Kimi Ga Shine / Your Turn to Die 4:00 PM All fans of the video game series come together to meet and take photos!
Organizer: hedakiki | More Info


Tokyo Ghoul 1:00 PM Calling all ghouls, investigators, and Hide to meet and take photos!
Organizer: Kory | More Info
VTubers 1:30 PM A photoshoot for fans and cosplayers of VTubers alike. From Hololive to Nijisanji to indie VTuber fans, all are welcome!
Organizer: Yui | More Info
Fire Emblem 2:00 PM Take up your weapon of choice and come join us for an awesome group photo!
Organizer: Sydney | More Info
Project Sekai 2:30 PM Project Sekai cosplayers and fans alike, come have some fun and take some photos!
Organizer: tinyresa | More Info
Genshin Impact 3:00 PM Step into the world of Teyvat by meeting and taking photos with all your favorite characters!!
Organizer: hedakiki and miezerie | More Info
Twisted-Wonderland 3:30 PM Disney’s Twisted-Wonderland game meetup!
Organizer: Zeni & Ghost | More Info
Love Live! 4:00 PM A space for all love live idols to meet, take pictures and possibly dance a bit our favorite LL dances!
Organizer: Idol Nani | More Info
Sailor Moon 4:30 PM Meet up with fellow Sailor Moon Fans and take some photos!
Organizer: Excelsior Cosplay | More Info
One Piece 5:00 PM Strawhats and any others are free to come along to take pics and have fun!!!
Organizer: hazyyshade | More Info
Omori 5:30 PM Come seek fun to meet other Omori cosplayers alike!!
Organizer: devileeggs | More Info


Demon Slayer 12:30 PM Hashira and Demons hold hand-and-hand, come take photos, and meet!
Organizer: hedakiki | More Info
Homestuck 1:00 PM An organized photo session where fans and cosplayers of Homestuck can hang out and take photos together!
Organizer: CallowCosplay | More Info


We love cosplay at Anime Frontier Powered By Crunchyroll and want to make your experience even more memorable!

Want to stage an epic Demon Slayer tableau? Or pose an Ouran Host Club meeting? Fill out our meetup application to have your cosplay meetup or photoshoot promoted by Anime Frontier! We’re giving you – our fans – the power in what cosplay photoshoots are included at Anime Frontier, and we’ll be sharing all approved meetups on our website, program guide, and app so cosplayers across Anime Frontier can attend!

Before you apply, please read all the information below…

  • If you’re submitting a cosplay photoshoot, it means you’re raising your hand to organize it. This submission form isn’t for general ideas. Instead, it’s for cosplayers or cosplay photographers who actively plan to lead their own meetup at this year’s Anime Frontier.
  • We will have one official designated spot where all photoshoots/meetups will occur. This exact location will be shared soon. This is the only officially approved area for group photoshoots at Anime Frontier. If you’d like your event listed, you need to hold it in this space. If you plan on holding a photoshoot somewhere else in the Fort Worth Convention Center, we sadly can’t officially list it.
  • After you submit your meetup, our team will review your application and reach out to you if we have any questions. Accepted meetups will typically be listed within 10 days of being submitted, but occasionally may take longer. If you have any questions, please contact
Won't be shared publicly
Name you want shared publicly
Won't be shared publicly. Only those 18 and older can run photoshoots/meetups.
Will only be used by staff to reach out to you if needed during Anime Frontier
Please list the full series, movie, etc. name.
Can be a Facebook Event page or other links. Please ensure that these are public links so that others may see them.
You will receive an error message if the time you choose has already been reserved by another meetup.
I understand this is an application only to list my photoshoot/meetup in the Anime Frontier program. This is not a guarantee my meetup will be listed. Anime Frontier has the right to approve or deny all applications.(Required)
I understand that I am responsible for organizing my photoshoot/meetup and Anime Frontier will not run my photoshoot/meetup.(Required)
I understand that my photoshoot/meetup must be held in the designated Anime Frontier Cosplay spot.(Required)
I understand that I and all cosplayers participating in my photoshoot need to have an Anime Frontier badge.(Required)