Presented by  Arda Wigs 1 - Anime Frontier In Fort Worth, Texas


Genshin Impact 2:00 PM Katheryn says there’s New commission! Calling all Genshin Impact fans and cosplayers!
Organizer: Kumabear Cosplay | More Info
Kimi Ga Shine / Your Turn to Die 4:00 PM All fans of the video game series come together to meet and take photos!
Organizer: hedakiki | More Info
Chainsaw Man 5:00 PM Rev up those chainsaws, cause it’s time for pics with the Chainsaw Man (part one and two) gang!
Organizer: GenJin | More Info


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 11:30 AM Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure meetup!
Organizer: Mal | More Info
Stranger Things 12:00 PM Come hang out with fellow Stranger Things cosplayers and fans for some fun photos and good vibes!!
Organizer: Lemon | More Info
Tokyo Ghoul 1:00 PM Calling all ghouls, investigators, and Hide to meet and take photos!
Organizer: Kory | More Info
VTubers 1:30 PM A photoshoot for fans and cosplayers of VTubers alike. From Hololive to Nijisanji to indie VTuber fans, all are welcome!
Organizer: Yui | More Info
Fire Emblem 2:00 PM Take up your weapon of choice and come join us for an awesome group photo!
Organizer: Sydney | More Info
Project Sekai 2:30 PM Project Sekai cosplayers and fans alike, come have some fun and take some photos!
Organizer: tinyresa | More Info
Genshin Impact 3:00 PM Step into the world of Teyvat by meeting and taking photos with all your favorite characters!!
Organizer: hedakiki and miezerie | More Info
Bungo Stray Dogs 3:30 PM Come take pictures, interact and meet with fellow stray dogs!
Organizer: mercy & ryan | More Info
Love Live! 4:00 PM A space for all love live idols to meet, take pictures and possibly dance a bit our favorite LL dances!
Organizer: Idol Nani | More Info
Sailor Moon 4:30 PM Meet up with fellow Sailor Moon Fans and take some photos!
Organizer: Excelsior Cosplay | More Info
One Piece 5:00 PM Strawhats and any others are free to come along to take pics and have fun!!!
Organizer: hazyyshade | More Info
Omori 5:30 PM Come seek fun to meet other Omori cosplayers alike!!
Organizer: devileeggs | More Info
Twisted-Wonderland 6:00 PM Disney’s Twisted-Wonderland game meetup!
Organizer: Zeni & Ghost | More Info


Obey me 11:30 PM Calling all demons,angles, and humans! Join us for a cosplay meet up for all fans of the hit game, Obey me! shall we date?
Organizer: MaeTheLei | More Info
Demon Slayer 12:30 PM Hashira and Demons hold hand-and-hand, come take photos, and meet!
Organizer: hedakiki | More Info
Homestuck 1:00 PM An organized photo session where fans and cosplayers of Homestuck can hang out and take photos together!
Organizer: CallowCosplay | More Info
Arknights 1:30 PM A meetup for Arknights fans to hang out and take photos
Organizer: chaumein29 | More Info