See below for Anime Frontier’s schedule of cosplay meetups.

  • Please note all meetups are submitted and hosted by fans. Anime Frontier does not directly organize any cosplay meetups.
  • The Fort Worth Convention Center is a big place, but we have one official photoshoot area. It is located on the second floor in the large open space beside the Fort Worth Convention Center Ballroom.

If you have any cosplay meetup questions, please reach out to

Anime Frontier Fort Worth Texas Convention Cosplay Meet Up


Genshin Impact 2 PM A meetup for all fans of Genshin Impact to get together and have fun!
Organizer: Sara | More info: Facebook
Nintendo 5 PM A meetup/photoshoot for all Nintendo enjoyers! Come on up to meet other Nintendo lovers and cosplayers!
Organizer: Nani Nia | More info: Facebook
Resident Evil 6 PM The Umbrella Corporation has taken residences in Fort Worth. Bring your best S.T.A.R.S. Agents, Civilians and more across the RE-verse to battle for humanity.
Organizer: Jaz On Record | More info: Facebook


Sk8 The Infinity 12 PM Bring your boards and let’s have a afternoon where we can Sk8 together infinitely!
Organizer: Crimson_paladin.cos | More info: Facebook
Chainsaw Man 1 PM People will dress as a Chainsaw like head with saws on their arms, and most likely other characters with eye patches, red and pink wigs, the pink winged characters has devil horns and looks a little like 02 from Darling in the Franx.
Organizer: The Surreal Wolf Cosplay | More info: Facebook
Genshin Impact 3 PM A photoshoot for all Genshin fans alike! Join as your favorite character or just come to see cosplays! We will also have a gacha for small prizes for participants!
Organizer: Yui | More info: Facebook
Yu-Gi-Oh 4 PM A bunch of people hanging out to talk about card games and take pictures
Organizer: Dueling Legend | More info: Facebook
Pripara Pretty Rhythm Prichan (pretty Series) 5 PM We’re all Friends! We’re all Idols! For all fans of the Pretty series!
Organizer: KittyChanBB | More info: Facebook
Love Live! School Idol Project 6 PM Come be and meet the Love Live idol you always wanted to be!
Organizer: Nani | More info: Facebook


Persona 12 PM Let’s celebrate the Persona series’ 25th Anniversary with a cosplay meetup and photoshoot! All Persona (and SMT) cosplayers welcome!
Organizer: Kyra | More info: Facebook
Overwatch 1 PM Calling all heroes… come join us for the Overwatch meetup!
Organizer: elvend0ll | More info: Coming soon
Jurassic Park Jurassic World 1:30 PM Spared No Expense
Organizer: DFW DINO TRACKERS | More info: Coming soon