Lutavia Cosplay is a nonbinary Texas-based cosplayer, photographer, and software engineer who’s been crafting costumes and props since 2017. She’s guested, judged, and paneled at conventions across Texas, as well as hosted hands-on workshops and had their work featured in exhibits from maker spaces to a contemporary craft museum. They’ve also worked in photography for over a decade, from editorial to theater, and still photograph cosplayers both at conventions and at studios wherever she travels.

Lutavia specializes in cosplay education, including providing build guides, community resources, and panels (both online and off) for everything from finishing 3D prints to booking cosplay photoshoots. Their passion stems toward making cosplay accessible at any scale for any design, from managing time constraints and cost to working with chronic illness or a full-time job. She’s always happy to provide 1-on-1 help or cosplay repair, and one of their favorite part of conventions will always be seeing everyone else’s amazing costumes, so don’t be afraid to say hello!

Lutavia Cosplay will be judging the Anime Frontier Masquerade

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