Anime Frontier is proud to welcome guests from around the anime world and give fans the rare opportunity to meet the women and men at the heart of anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture! See below for details about Anime Frontier’s 2022 Autograph Program.


Most of our American guests will sign autographs all three days of Anime Frontier. These guests will sign for several hours each day, and you simply need to go to their autograph table and pay for an autograph. There’s a cost, but thousands of fans will be able to meet them. Our paid signing area is in the back of Hall A – part of the Expo Floor.

For every autographing session, items signed are at the discretion of each guest.

Prices listed are for autographs unless otherwise specified. Guests may charge different and separate amounts for selfies, voice recordings, combos, etc.

Adam McArthur Fri/Sat/Sun
Anne Yatco Fri/Sat/Sun
Johnny Yong Bosch Fri/Sat/Sun
Lindsay Seidel Fri/Sat/Sun
Max Mittelman Fri/Sat/Sun
Mike McFarland Fri/Sat/Sun
Ryan Colt Levy Fri/Sat/Sun
Robbie Daymond Fri/Sat/Sun
Ray Chase Fri/Sat/Sun
Sarah Wiedenheft Fri/Sat/Sun
Suzie Yeung Fri/Sat/Sun
Zach Aguilar Fri/Sat/Sun

Other Autographs

FLOW VIP Signing – 4:30 PM on Friday
A FLOW VIP Wristband is required