Meet English-speaking voice actor Lindsey Jones, the voice of Vanessa Kimball from Red vs. Blue, at Anime Frontier in Fort Worth this December. Lindsay has created Kimball-magic and captured the attention of fans the world over as Ruby in RWBY.

  • Ruby Rose In RWBY
  • Space Kid In Camp Camp
  • Hilda In X-Ray & Vav
  • Razzle In gen: LOCK

The Fierce, Fighting Vanessa Kimball

Whether Kimbal is in Jungle Canyon strategizing for her team with full-gear on or fighting off enemies in stealth combat mode, Vanessa Kimball is a character you won’t want to miss meeting in person through Lindsey Jones. Kimball is one of the few female characters in Rooster Teeth’s online animated series, and she is fierce!

RWBY’s Sniper-Scythe Wielding Ruby Rose

Although she originally auditioned for Blake and Pyrrha, Jones shines as RWBY’s main protagonist, Ruby Rose. She is able to bring out her self-proclaimed weapons dork side just as believably as the open, honest part of this character who puts everyone else first.

Talk about great cosplay subjects. Who wouldn’t want to throw on Ruby’s red laced combat boots and red hooded cloak? Get your gear together and come out to meet Lindsay Jones, Ruby Rose’s English voice actress.

More About Lindsay Jones

In addition to her anime voice-over work, Jones appears in live-action series and podcasts and is a cast member of the popular gaming channel Achievement Hunter, the American gaming division of Rooster Teeth Animations. Her characters come to life on seventh and eighth-generation gaming consoles and in anime productions like Red vs. Blue.

Jones adores cats, lives with her husband in Austin, and finds that voice acting allows her creative impulse to shine.

Where Can I Meet Kimball, The Red Vs. Blue Voice Actor?

Join us at Anime Frontier this December 3-5, 2021 in Fort Worth, Texas, to meet the voice behind Vanessa Kimball in Red vs. Blue. Get a full dose of Lindsay Jones and our other sought-after guests slated to provide fun and education at this anime event. Jones will be speaking and signing autographs. So, make sure you purchase your tickets to see her today.