Meet Arryn Zech, the voice of Blake Belladonna from RWBY at Anime Frontier, in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. If you’re a fan of the Huntresses of RWBY, this is one anime convention you don’t want to miss. Find out more about who voices Blake, not to mention the bubbly Dr. Grey from Red Vs. Blue.

RWBY’s Blake Belladonna The Neko Ninja

You love Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, and Yang Xiao Long, but could Team RWBY ever be really complete without the cool, mellow chain scythe-wielding Blake Belladonna? Arryn captures our favorite Faunus’s painful past, determined fight against prejudice, her serious side, and her dry, witty humor.

As the series continues and Blake learns to run towards friendship and love, instead of away from everything she cares about, Zech is the power behind standoffs with Adam and the strength to trust her support team.

If you’re attending this anime convention in RWBY cosplay, don’t forget your Gambol Shroud and your seat at the appearance of voice actress Arryn Zech.

The Bubbly Dr. Emily Grey In Red Vs Blue

Psychoanalysis for everyone! If you’ve been a fan of RvB since at least season 12, there’s no way you could miss Blood Gulch’s intrepid medic, Dr. Emily Grey. She’s the fast-talking, “out of my way”, “Dr. coming through” character voiced by Arryn Zech.

Arryn’s interpretation of Dr. Grey is full of “oodles” of intelligence, life-saving advice, and fascination with alien technologies – all delivered with a lot of comic relief (possibly by rifles filled with confetti).

If you find the enthusiastic, happy thoughts attitude of Dr. Grey as refreshing (or hilarious) as we do, make sure not to miss this anime event.

A Little More About Arryn

Born in Spain, but raised right here in Texas, Zech is a graduate of our very own University of Texas, Austin. With over a decade of theater training, it’s no wonder Arryn can bring just as much life to a moody, introverted trauma survivor as a squee-filled doctor cheerfully ready to dole out advice and spare limbs wherever and whenever necessary.

See Arryn Zech Of RWBY & RvB At Anime Frontier

Whether your cosplay tastes lean more towards ninja cats or mech-suited space warriors, the many on-screen personalities of Arryn Zech have you covered. Get your tickets to Anime Frontier convention Dec 3-5, 2021 today and celebrate your fandom while supporting your favorite anime voice actors at the appearance of RWBY and RvB’s Arryn Zech.