Ashweez Cosplay is a Texas-based cosplayer, graphic designer, and sewist who has been cosplaying and attending conventions since 2005. In 2016, she started making her cosplays from scratch and competed in her first cosplay contest. After a short break, she started competing again in 2019, moving quickly through the divisions until reaching the master’s division in 2021. Over the course of her cosplay career, she has done 50+ cosplays, attended 30+ cons, and modeled in 40+ photoshoots (~10 of which were self shoots). A self-declared cosplay veteran, Ashweez likes to give back to the community by sharing her cosplay build process through videos on Youtube and detailed build posts on her website. Her goals are to continue to make fun cosplays, learn new building/sewing techniques, meet interesting people, and share whatever knowledge she can with the cosplay community.

Ashweez Cosplay will be judging the Anime Frontier Masquerade

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