We wish to share the news today that Yoko Takahashi will no longer be appearing at this year’s Anime Frontier because of a visa issue beyond Anime Frontier or Yoko Takahashi’s control.

Yoko Takahashi is an amazing performer who greatly wanted to meet her fans in Texas, and this cancellation is through no fault of her or her team. We’ve tremendously enjoyed working with Yoko Takahashi in the planning of her concert, and we hope we can welcome her in the future to share her music with fans across the Southwest.

Anime Frontier will be refunding all ticket sales for Takahashi-san’s concert, and all who ordered a concert ticket should see an email with more details in the next 72 hours.

And while Takahashi-san will no longer attend Anime Frontier, we will offer official Japanese EVANGELION products at our merch store, including rare CDs with a limited number featuring a postcard signed by Yoko Takahashi for her Texas fans.


Yoko Takahashi made her major music debut with the song “P.S. I miss you” in 1991, she then won the Best Newcomer Award at both the Japan Records Awards and Japan Cable Awards the following year. Prior to her major debut, she was active as a studio musician and backing vocalist for artists such as Toshinobu Kubota, Yumi Matsutoya, and others since 1987.

In 1995, she came to global attention when she sang the opening theme song for the anime NEON GENESIS EVANGELION titled “The Cruel Angel’s Thesis” – which became an immediate hit. Following this momentum, she then released “Soul’s Refrain” in 1997 which has since cemented itself as a timeless piece in anime song history.

In 2018, she toured France, Beijing, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Taiwan, and other locations as a part of an EVANGELION World Tour.

In 2020, she released “Cruel Angel’s Thesis MATSURI SPIRIT” and “EVANGELION FINALLY”, a vocal music selection CD that includes many of her own songs featured in the EVANGELION series.

Lastly, the vocal arrangement of a song from EVANGELION: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time titled “Shiro SAGISU what if? Yoko TAKAHASHI ver.” was recently released for download globally.